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Turbio River Hike in - Raft out

Duration: 11 days   |   Skill Level:    |   Price: USD 3,600.00

TheTurbio IV is a remote valley in northern Patagonia that local mountaineers first began to explore in the 1980s. While the Yosemite-like granite walls that rise from the banks of the Río Turbio river have undoubtedly made this a climbers’ paradise, the allure of “El Turbio” extends far beyond the...

Vida Sana Patagonia 10-day Retreat

Duration: 10 days   |   Skill Level:    |   Price: USD 3,180.00

Join us for a once in a lifetime Adventure Retreat amongst the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia! Embark on a 10 day journey of discovery as we traverse through the stunning regions of Argentina and Chile, immersing ourselves in thrilling activities and serene natural beauty.

IMMERSEWe are fortunate to have one of...

Personalized Adventure Tours

Duration: 1 days   |   Skill Level:    |   Price: USD 0.00

Welcome ! Take a look around our site to see if you’d like to embark on an unforgettable journey of adventure within the culture and landscapes of Northern Patagonia with us!  
We have transitioned from only offering kayaking and biking tours to providing fully customized travel itineraries. This was not...

Patagonia Packrafting Expedition

Duration: 8 days   |   Skill Level:    |   Price: USD 2,400.00

The Patagonia Packrafting Expedition

Discover Northern Patagonia under your own steam. On this trip, you’ll explore epic landscapes. Find out what life is like for the ‘paisanos’ who settled here and paddle the little known Turbio River.

You don’t need whitewater experience. Just be physically fit and have a taste for adventure...

Futaleufu River Rafting Multi-Sport

Duration: 9 days   |   Skill Level:    |   Price: USD 5,750.00

The Futaleufu rafting adventure is based out of one of the world's most beautiful riverside camps, overlooking the turquoise blue waters of the Futaleufu River as it surges beneath Patagonia’s snow capped mountains.

River-based fun includes whitewater rafting the famous, incomparable Futaleufu River, inflatable kayaking the aptly named Rio Azul, fly...

Patagonia Ziplining Tour

Duration: 1 days   |   Skill Level:    |   Price: ARS 20,000.00

COST: $20,000 AR$ (adults) $18,000 AR$ (children between 4-12 years old)

This is a fun zip-lining tour in the heart of Mallin Ahogado, just 10 minutes outside of the town of El Bolsón.  With the help of 2 guides, you will zip through a native forest on over 1200 meters of...